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Linen is one of the oldest types of fabric found on Earth. Made from flax, this versatile, tough textile is sought out because it is soft and durable. In the bedroom, linen sheets keep the body warm when it's cold, and provide breathable comfort when temperatures outside begin to rise.

At Linenshed, we make 100% linen sheets sets made from fine fabric. Each item we produce is made to order, because we keep no inventory on hand. For clients with beds of unusual sizes, our products can be perfectly fitted to the dimensions of your mattress. With our easy online ordering system and quality bedding products, your sheets from Linenshed are almost certain to fit.  

How Do You Care For Linen?

Linen care is simple, just like it should be. Some believe that linen requires special care in order to maintain its beauty and functionality, but consider this: linen has been in use since ancient times. Since the earliest days of linen use, humans have been caring for linen with gentle, natural detergents and ordinary washing techniques. All you need to maintain your linen sheets is soap and water. Period.

Should you dry clean linen?

Not unless specified by the manufacturer. The dry cleaning process uses chemicals that can negatively react with linen. Over time, dry cleaning your linen can weaken the fibers. Some linen requires dry cleaning (suits, for example), but linen sheets don't require dry cleaning at all. 

Can you machine wash linen?

Of course. To machine wash your linen sheets, put them on the gentle cycle, then tumble dry until the sheets are damp. Lay them flat or hang them to dry. 

How is linen stored?

Linen repels bugs and dust mites naturally, so there's no need to store linen in plastic or in a special location. To take linen out of long term storage, air it out and wash it if necessary. 

Can linen be ironed?

Yes, linen can be ironed, but it doesn't need to be if it's laid flat when drying. You can expect them to get wrinkly and crinkled as they're used. Linen has a naturally rumpled appearance that many people prefer. This is the natural behavior of the flax, and is the way linen is supposed to be. In modern bedrooms, linen has a casual appearance that can make your bedroom more comfortable and inviting. 

Why Buy Linen?

There are many reasons to buy linen! This soft, breathable product is more durable than cotton, which becomes threadbare with repeated washings. People prefer linen for clothes and sheets, which must be washed often. Moreover, there are many other benefits of linen that make this fabric a superior product. 

Health Benefits

Linen is used in hospitals and surgical settings because of its breathability, durability and comfort. Linen can even be used in sutures because of its compatibility with the human body. It is believed that linen is antibacterial and antifungal, so that people who suffer from allergies may be more comfortable in linen sheets and clothes. 

Natural Comfort 

The breathability of linen makes it the perfect fabric to use on a warm night. Linen actually wicks away sweat, keeping the body dry and cool all night long. 


Linen is a sustainable product made from the flax plant. It's considered an eco-friendly, sustainable product because the entire flax plant can be used in the making of linen. Compared to cotton, flax needs fewer chemical treatments and less watering in order to thrive. This easy to grow plant requires less energy than many other types of crops. Flax is easy to integrate into modern crop rotations.  

In addition, all linen is naturally recyclable, so that linen can continue to be used over and over. And, because linen is so much stronger than cotton, its products often last much longer. This makes linen a much more environmentally-friendly product than cotton, because it takes much longer to end up in a landfill. 

Why Is Linenshed Different?

At Linenshed, we sell the finest Belgian linen sheets. All of our products are made to order to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our products come in a variety of different colors and can be mixed and matched for a unique look in every room. Whether you're seeking ruffles or flat, minimalist sheets, we offer different designs so our customers can find the fabrics they want.

Are you going away to college? It's easy to buy extra long twin sheets through our online system. We've made it our goal to become the best place to buy linen sheets for all settings and all beds. 

Whether you're buying fitted sheets or flat, we provide linens of all types to meet your needs. Our twin, full, queen & king linen sheets are best quality. Contact us to buy linen sheets online. 

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