Custom Linen Tablecloths

There's something simple and sweet about a linen tablecloth. For many years, linen was the standard material used to make tablecloths, hence the name "table linens." In modern times, tablecloths can be made from nearly any material, natural or synthetic, but linen remains the quintessential material for all tablecloths. 

Custom Linen tablecloths have a special appeal. The gently wrinkled texture combined with the loose weave adds a relaxed appearance and casual character. For those who like tradition, there is nothing more traditional than a linen tablecloth. Whether you want linen tablecloths for everyday use or for special occasions only, you'll be happy with custom linen. 

Picking a Color

The colour you choose for your custom linen tablecloth will have a big impact on your dining presentation. The colour also affects the way the tablecloth is maintained. Colours that are light can give your table a light and airy appearance. Light colours are also more likely to be stained. Colours that are darker may have a more formal appearance and are much less likely to stain. 

Not sure which colour is right for you? Give thought to the table's intended purpose. A tablecloth placed on a table that is not used for meals can be either colour without any ill effects. A tablecloth that is used for dining may be harder to keep clean if the colour is very light.

Maintaining Your Tablecloth

Maintaining a custom linen tablecloth is easy if you have the right tools. When the tablecloth becomes stained, soak it in cold water and detergent overnight before washing it on the cold gentle cycle in the washing machine. Always dry flat; do not put your tablecloth in the dryer. This is especially important if your tablecloth has any stains. Drying the tablecloth in the dryer sets the stains in the material, and makes them even more difficult to clean. 

Picking a Size

The Linenshed site provides a variety of standard sizes; customers can pick the size that corresponds to their table. That said, every table is different. Handmade tables may not correspond to a standard size at all. That's why Linenshed provides customers with the ability to customize their order. We make each product when it's ordered, so each customer can order the tablecloth that's right for their home. 

How is this done? From the scroll menu, just select "Custom size Square/Rectangular or Round Tablecloth". Linenshed will make your custom size linen tablecloth exactly as per the measurements you have confirmed at time of order.  

Ready to get started? Order your 100% linen tablecloths today. Also Explore  Table Runners section.

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