Affordable Linen Ruffles Curtains

Choose from three attractive designs when you purchase curtains from our exquisite ruffled linen collection -- drop ruffles, skirt ruffles, or waterfall. All add that little extra pop of design appeal and all are available in our full range of attractive colors to blend seamlessly with any decor. Add a touch of pretty femininity to your space when you opt to add ruffles to your window treatments. Ruffled shower curtain also available. All items are machine wash, tumble dry for easy care. 


Couches, accent chairs, coffee tables, rugs, lighting, and the list goes on and on. There are a multitude of things running through your mind when trying to decorate a home.

You have to consider color schemes, various styles, spacing, and accessories such as lamps, paintings and picture frames, and throw pillows. Not to mention the types of fabrics you want to use throughout your home.

One thing that’s often an afterthought, but a major necessity, is your window treatment choices. The market has no shortage these essentials. There are countless variations of blinds, shades, interior shutters, and valances that can complement any room.

Aside from the aforementioned, curtains are probably the most common, the most popular, and much preferred of all window treatments.

Besides the elegance curtains lend to a room, they add depth, as well as play their role in the overall aesthetic of your home. Generating an ambience, curtains are a reflection of your taste, as well as add meaning to your overall décor. Curtains are the underlying composition of your home, as they fuse together your entire interior design elements.


As an integral part of your home décor, choosing the “right” curtains can be challenging, as there is a hodgepodge of selections on the market – hundreds of color schemes, patterns and prints, lengths, styles, textures, accessories for tying and hanging curtains, and fabric varieties.

In addition to attaining just about any type of curtain your heart desires, they offer many benefits. While curtains serve as the cohesive glue, bringing comfort and warmth to every room, they also have functional roles, as well.

Privacy is one of the major reasons curtains are so pertinent in a home. They add an extra layer of security, especially for those living in close quarters, in busy urban cities. Not only do they protect against prying “peeping Toms”, curtains also lessen the disturbance caused by glaring streetlights and vehicle movement.  

Curtains are also buffers for dust and dirt. Likely an overlooked function, curtains stand as a barrier between your windows and dust particles. Small cracks and crevices allow dust to trickle in; just as when you’re windows are open.

When it comes to controlling natural light, curtains are the answer. Depending on the fabric and texture, they allow you to manage the amount of direct sunlight piercing into a room. This can be irritating, as well as cause discomfort, due to increases in room temperature.

Along the same lines, curtains, especially those made with linen fabric, can assist in lowering your energy costs. They maintain warmth in the winter months and keep your interior cool during the spring and summer.

That said, your fabric choice is an essential part of purchasing curtains, and linen is at the top of the list. As one of the oldest, most sought-after fabrics, the use of linen for curtains and window treatments date back to ancient Egypt and Pharaohs. In fact, linen drapes have been found on ancient tombs.

Apart from its history, linen has plenty of characteristics that make it a top choice for homeowners.

It’s renowned as a light and classy fabric, that’s two to three times stronger than cotton and silk. Because of its near weightlessness, ruffle curtains are thought to be easier to install than cotton, which is a plus.

Other features native to linen fabric, and of the utmost importance in regards to using it for window treatments and home décor, are its breathability, resistance to pilling, low elasticity, and versatility. What’s more, linen holds dye well and tends not to fade as quickly as other fabrics; it’s highly abrasion resistant; it refrains from creating static electricity; and it’s naturally durable.

Now that you’re aware of the particulars to consider before investing in curtains, it’s time to introduce you to Linenshed’s alluring linen curtain assemblage; particularly the ruffled linen curtains, a customer favorite.

Drop, waterfall, and skirt ruffles are three attractive designs included in our exquisite ruffled collection. All three must-have schemes add design appeal and dash to every room, as they blend seamlessly with any décor.

Available in our full range of eye-catching colors, our ruffled linen curtain options are gentle and soft, flowing gracefully as they adorn your windows. We also offer a variety of sizes, as well as customization. Please note, when customizing, we advise doubling the size of your window’s width in order to display a nice gathering when your curtains are closed.

Moreover, Linenshed customers can choose a cotton or full blackout lining finish, and a hanging method (self fabric strings, back tabs, or woven heading tape) to complete their order.

Curtains are a big investment for most, which calls for careful consideration before making a purchase. Linenshed has a range of linen to choose from, in addition to linen sheets, linen tablecloths and more, but the uniqueness of our ruffled linen curtains is unmatched. That said, put your order in now!

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