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You'll sleep in luxury with one hundred per cent natural linen pillow covers. Whether you're laying down for a nice nap or going to sleep all night long, you'll love the way your linen pillowcases look and feel. 

Reasons To Love Linen Pillowcases

There are so many reasons to love your linen pillowcases!

  • Cool all through the summer. Linen pillowcases don't warm up the way other pillowcases do, and linen wicks away sweat. Even when the weather outside gets warm, you'll stay cool and dry throughout the night. 
  • Soft and softer still. Linen is naturally a soft fabric, but it gets softer with each washing. Over time, your linen pillowcases will start to feel like an extension of your own body, as soft as your own skin. 
  • More durable than cotton. Cotton is known to become threadbare when it's been washed too many times. Linen is the opposite: it becomes stronger with each laundering. 
  • All natural. As people have become more protective of the environment, the appeal of all natural fibres and products has grown. Linen is one of the oldest materials known to man. It is made from flax, a beautiful flowering annual that is drought tolerant, resistant to insects and easy to grow in rotation with other crops. 
  • Beautiful. More than anything else, linen is beautiful. Linen rumples easily so that it's always a little bit wrinkled. The effect is that linen looks casual and comfortable, like a favourite set of jeans. You'll love how it looks on your bed. 

Ordering From Linenshed? Here's How

Ordering your pillowcases from Linenshed is easy. Start by picking the style of the pillowcase. Some of our pillowcases are minimalist and simple, others are ruffled and decorative. Once you've selected the style, you'll have your choice of colours and sizes. Are your pillows an unusual size? Write your instructions in the "special instructions" section when you're checking out. We'll tailor your pillowcases to your needs. At Linenshed, we keep no inventory. All of our linen products are made to order, so we can easily make your pillowcases your way.

Linen is Easy to Maintain

You'll never need to dry clean your linen pillowcases. Simply wash your linen pillowcases on a cold gentle cycle, and leave them to dry flat. When the time comes to store your linen, leave them in a drawer in a cool dark place. Linen pillowcases are naturally insect resistant.

Looking for 100% linen pillowcases? Order your linen pillowcases online today. You'll never want different pillowcases once you've tried ours. 

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