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Nothing compares to the luxury of one hundred percent linen bedding. As one of the oldest textiles on earth, this versatile, durable material is perfect for use in modern bedrooms. You'll love the naturally crumpled appearance, gently wrinkled texture and soft feel of this all natural fabric. When you use linen fabric on your bed, you enjoy an all natural sleep on one of the most comfortable materials available for purchase today.  

What Is Linen?

Linen is a material made from flax. This sustainable product is made using the entire plant, so linen production involves very little waste. Flax plants themselves are drought-resistant and require few chemical sprays in order to thrive, so they're very environmentally friendly.  

In texture and appearance, linen is naturally wrinkled. It dyes easily and is available in a range of colors. The surface of linen is slightly rougher in appearance than many modern textiles. Because of its textured, slightly rough appearance, many expect linen to feel rough on the skin. Often, they are surprised by how soft washed linen sheets feel when they're drifting to sleep.  

How Is Linen Bedding Different?

Linen bedding is different from other materials in a variety of ways.

  • All natural. Linen comes from the flax plant and requires no synthetic materials in order to be produced. For those who wish to avoid using synthetic products, this fabric is an excellent option.
  • Textured. Linen is easy to wrinkle, and since bedding is rarely ironed, most linen bedding has a slightly rumpled appearance. This gives linen a casual appearance that many people appreciate. 
  • Casual character. Linen has a character all its own. Linen bedding looks good in shabby chic decorated rooms, rooms with minimalist decor and rooms with a more traditional bedroom style. 

Are you wondering whether linen is right for your bedroom? Try a few pillow cases and see how you like them. You can match linen bedding to any of your current bedding material, then you'll know for sure if it's something that you want. 

What Are the Benefits of Linen Bedding?

The benefits of linen bedding are numerous. From the gentle feeling of linen on the skin to the health and wellness properties of this all natural bedding material, you'll love the way that you sleep on linen. Here are some of the best benefits of linen bedding:

  • Antibacterial and antifungal. Linen bedding is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so it's perfect for people who have allergies and sensitivities.
  • Breathable. Linen bedding is ultra breathable, so it stays cool and dry even on long days in summer. This helps you wake up dry and refreshed no matter what the season. 
  • Soft texture. Linen is soft and gets softer with every washing. 
  • Durable. Linen lasts for many years. Unlike cotton, which becomes threadbare as it is worn, linen becomes stronger with every washing. 
  • Sustainable. Unlike synthetic materials, linen is an all natural and sustainable resource. Harvesting and growing flax has little impact on the environment and flax is also easy to work into other crop rotations.

It's little wonder that people who enjoy using linen bedding never find themselves wanting other forms of bedding. Linen is enough to meet the needs of anyone who wants to feel comfortable and cool all night long. 

What Are the Types of Linen Bedding?

What type of linen bedding do we produce? Everything that could go on your bed. 

We'll sell any combination of the sheets and other bedding materials listed above. 

Why Linen Bedding From Linenshed?

Linenshed is different from other linen companies. We keep no inventory on hand. With every order placed directly through our website, we produce linen sheets for that order. This makes it easy to customize your order for your specific needs. Are you seeking multiple colors in your bedding? Do you need fitted sheets of an unusual size? Perhaps you need a duvet cover that is slightly longer than standard duvet covers? 

All of these details can be handled through Linenshed's unique online system. We make your bedding, your way. All according to your specifications. 

We sell best quality, affordable linen sheets online. Our products make wonderful gifts.

How Can You Order Your Linen Bedding From Us?

At Linenshed, our online ordering system is easy to use. Simply select the size, color and type of bedding you want. Do you need to customize your order? Write in the special instructions during the checkout process.

Who needs their order customized? Usually people who have beds of unusual size and who need oversize linen sheets. Whether you have an extra long twin, or you simply need sheets to fit a California king or queen bed, we're able to make sheets to fit your specifications. 

For 100% linen sheets USA, contact Linenshed today. We'll proudly make your order exactly to your specifications. 

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