100% Linen sheets sets

Nothing feels better on your skin than 100% linen sheet sets. From the very start, you'll love the way linen looks on your bed and feels against your body. 

Benefits of Linen

Linen is an ancient product made from flax. It has been available since the early days of man, and will continue to be an important fabric for a long time to come. But what are the benefits of linen? Why is it so desirable?

  • Durable. Linen is much stronger than cotton, which can become worn and threadbare over time. In fact, linen gets stronger every time it is laundered. Good quality linen sheets will last for decades when properly maintained.
  • Beautiful. People love the rumpled, casual beauty of linen bed sheets. Linen wrinkles naturally as it is worn or used. On your bed, linen has a gentle charm that speaks of comfortable nights.
  • Breathable. Linen is known to wick away sweat, so you can stay cool and comfortable all night long. It's perfect in summer when the nights tend to be warm, or in winter when the blankets are piled on high. 
  • Antibacterial. Linen is believed to be antifungal and antibacterial; this why the fabric is used in medical settings. For people who suffer from skin sensitivities and allergies, linen is the perfect material. 

You can discover for yourself why linen is such a desirable material by ordering your own today. 

All Natural Enjoyment

Linen is made from a sustainable, drought-resistant crop. It's easy to grow and requires fewer pesticides than cotton to produce. For customers seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint, linen is one of the best materials available. 

How to Care for Your Linen

Care for your linen by washing it on a gentle cycle in the washing machine, then lay the sheets out to dry flat. Linen does not need to be ironed; the wrinkles occur naturally and will return as soon as the sheets are used. You do not need to dry clean your linen, in fact, you shouldn't unless the manufacturer tells you to! This product can be damaged by dry cleaning chemicals. Store your linen in a cool, dark drawer. You do not need to protect your linen from insects.

Buy Quality Linen Today

At Linenshed, we guarantee that you'll love our products. We produce linen sheets made to order in custom sizes. To get started, place your order today.

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