Linen Bed Skirts

Linen bedding is breathable, durable and all natural. At Linenshed, we provide 100% linen bed skirts for customers who prefer the natural softness and general comfort of linen. We can accommodate special sizes and special requests from our customers to ensure that their box spring cover matches their bed exactly. Whether you're seeking a feminine, ruffled bedskirt or a flatter, more minimalist bedskirt, we have the right type of bedskirt for your needs. 

How to Order My Bedskirt

Ordering your bed skirt online should be easy. At Linenshed, we've done our best to make our ordering process simple.

  1. Measure the dimensions of your box spring mattress and bed so you can pick the bedskirt that best matches your needs.
  2. Shop for your bedskirt via our easy to use online system. You can start online here: 
  3. Pick out the style of bedskirt that best matches your taste and the style of decor in your bedroom. At Linenshed, we've got a variety of different bedskirt styles, including Gathered Washed Linen Dust Ruffle, Four Sided Bed Skirt, Linen Knotted Bed Skirt, Linen Waterfall Bedskirt Valance, Split-Corner Linen Bedskirt and Pure Linen Ruffled Bedskirt. 
  4. Pick a bedskirt color that will match your color preferences. Remember that the color of your bedskirt doesn't have to be the same color that you choose for your sheets, duvet, duvet cover or pillow cases. Sometimes accent colors can make a big difference in a bedroom.
  5. Select the size of your bed from the dropdown menu. Our menu provides suggested sizes for bedskirts to be used on standard beds. Homeowners who want to provide customized sizes for their bed can do so later on in the process. 
  6. Select the drop height from the dropdown menu. The drop height is the distance between the floor and the top of the box spring. Most customers prefer the bedskirt to sit just at the floor, so that the bedskirt does not drag. 
  7. Select the quantity and click "Add to Cart."
  8. Click "checkout," then input your billing and shipping information. 

How to Order Custom Sizes

At Linenshed, we make all of our bedskirts and linens upon request. We keep no inventory. This means that your bedskirt won't be made until you've bought it, and if you need it to be customized, we can accommodate that. 

Orders of special sizes must be requested by the buyer. To start, click on the "edit cart" button, where you'll be lead to a screen that allows you to edit your order. In the screen labeled "special instructions," you're free to leave whatever instructions you'd like, including the special size of your bed. We look at all the special instructions left by clients and will make a note of your request. 

Don't forget that some bed types need a bedskirt with a special, custom design. Four poster beds, for example, need a bed skirt with open corners to leave room for the posters. Day beds, on the other hand, need a bed skirt with different lengths on each side. Use the special instructions box to give your instructions. Next, place your order.

How to Measure My Bed

Bed measurement is relatively easy, if you have the right tools. You'll need a tape measure that can measure the length and width of your bed. For best results, take off the mattress and any sheets or existing bed skirts. Use the measuring tape to measure the width and length of the box springs. To find out whether your box spring is a custom size, check the width and length of your mattress against the standard sizes listed on our website. 

Next, measure the height of your box spring starting from the top of the box down to the floor. Add an inch if you'd like to ensure that the drop length goes all the way to the floor. 

Which Bedskirt Is Right For Me

It can be hard to pick the right linen bed valance for your bedroom! 

  • Gathered Washed Linen Dust Ruffle. This feminine, attractive bed skirt is perfect for bedrooms and guest rooms decorated in shabby chic style.
  • Four Sided Bed Skirt. This formal, hotel style bed skirt is perfectly designed for a sleek, modern-style bedroom.
  • Linen Knotted Bed Skirt. The Linen Knotted Bed Skirt has a hand-made quality that goes well with other bedroom linens. 
  • Linen Waterfall Bedskirt Valance. The Waterfall Bedskirt Valance gives a comfy, luxurious look to your bed.  
  • Split-Corner Linen Bedskirt. This style of linen bedskirt is simple and straightforward; perfect for bedrooms with a minimalist decorative style. 
  • Pure Linen Ruffled Bedskirt. The linen ruffled bedskirt is a traditional style bedskirt that belongs in classic bedroom decor. 

Of course, picking the right bedskirt for your home can be a challenge. At Linenshed, we encourage our customers to analyze their tastes and look at the other linens that they keep in their home before making their final decision. The bed valance that you choose for your home will have a lasting impact on the appearance and functionality of your bedroom. 

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