Linen Fabric by Meter

Cotton, wool, hemp, silk…While there are several great fabrics available, only one stands out in a crowd – and that’s linen fabric.

When thinking of linen, certain words or phrases may come to mind like rich, natural, beautiful, eco-friendly, and extremely durable. With that said, it’s not hard to understand why linen is such a beloved fabric.

Once used as currency in ancient Egypt, pure linen fabric is one of the oldest, most sought-after fabrics in the world, adding a sense of luxury and charm to any apparel or home décor.

Our medium weight washed linen (6,50 oz -185 gsm) is an exquisite textile that truly enhances any home bedding. Often viewed as a premium material by professional designers, it has a wide range of properties, benefits, and uses like linen curtains or linen bed skirts. Outpacing cotton in the popularity race, pure linen is made from the fiber of the sturdy flax plant, giving it two to three times the strength of silk or cotton.

Although strong, it’s lightweight, breathable, and very soft. In fact, unlike many other fabrics, linen uncharacteristically softens as it ages and endures washes and wears. Over time, becoming supple in both touch and feel.

In general, linen is a fabric that can be maintained fairly easy. Not to mention it’s resistance to shrinkage, it’s ability to withstand high temperatures, and the fact that it’s machine washable (up to 140°F) and tumble dry safe.

Possessing a quiet elegance, our 100% pure linen fabric is of the highest quality, lending itself to an array of deeply rich and striking colors, as the fabric tolerates dye very well. This is a great benefit for those who have an expressive palate.

At Linenshed, we offer a full range of attractive hues to choose from. Sixteen (16) to be exact, including, but not limited to optic white, aubergine, green tea, icy blue, mustard, jet-black, salmon, and earth brown. Each and every one of our colors results in a beautiful sheen and high luster, allowing our customers to mix and match as they see fit – regardless of what the fabric will be used for.

Further, our linen material is available by the yard and by meter, in wide width. These options put the power of creation into the hands of our customers – into your hands. Purchase as much or as little as you need to bring your concepts to life.

Hailed as a timeless textile, linen fabric is versatile, inspiring use in household décor, such as bedding, window treatments, and tableware. Linenshed is stocked with an assortment of product options to adorn and customize your sanctuary – turning your house into a home.

We carry quilted, ruffled, and two-toned bedspreads; a range of linen duvet covers, fitted, and flat sheets; a variety of pillowcases and bed skirts; and a vibrant choice of sheet sets. But, it doesn’t stop there – our collection consists of curtains and table linens, as well. In addition, our 100% pure linen is also fitting for upholstery, whether embarking on a DIY project or professional.

With many attributes, linen can transform couches, loveseats, and accent chairs into enchanting conversation pieces, combining with the overall look and feel of your current scheme. Simply put, linen enhances any room, adding visual interest, texture, and natural beauty to lamp shades, throw pillows, headboards, and more.

In addition to home décor, linen is the perfect material for clothing and tasteful fashion.

Deemed an all-weather textile, it is suitable for all seasons, especially the hotter spring and summer months. With its natural cooling and breathability properties, it allows for circulation of airflow around the body. Whisking away perspiration, it’s absorbent, hypo-allergenic, and anti-microbial.

Other notable benefits include, lint and abrasion-resistant, anti-static, and mildew-resistant. All of which add to its must-have appeal.

Linenshed’s fashion collections, in particular our women’s line, showcases simple, carefully crafted styles that envelope beauty, comfort, and panache. Providing a new twist on loungewear and casual wear, our current line includes the following gorgeous, must-have designs: "Joan" Linen Pajamas Trousers, Raglan Long Linen Night Dress, Linen Unisex Long Kimono Style Bathrobe, Short Ruffled Linen Night Dress, Casual French Vintage Linen Dress with Button Back, Side Buttoned Skirt, Casual Linen Wrap Dress Portefeuille, and Casual Ladies Linen Trousers, just to name a few. Our styles are available in nearly all of our sixteen hues, and come in general (XS to 4XL) sizes or customized sizes for that perfect fit.

Our men’s line features several staple pieces that include our linen boxer shorts, pajama sets, pajama and casual trousers, full and short sleeves tunics, and the classic Bermuda shorts. Sizes are as follows: XL to 4XL or custom sizes.

From home décor and bedding to loungewear for men and women, linen exudes style, sophistication, and class. It’s in a league of its own, as it pleases every personality, unique lifestyle, and wardrobe.

We invite you to view our products – you will not be disappointed!

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