Who We Are?

Since 2012, Linenshed has been wrapping the world in the softest, most refined fabric - 100% pure flax linen. With over 20 years of combined experience, our skilled artisans craft each item to be unique. There is no assembly line, no warehousing, no middleman. Our products are constructed of the highest quality French linen available, customized to fit your exact needs, and assembled by our talented team of textile artists who take immense pride in what they do.

Linen has a wealth of advantages over other fabrics -- Linen is extremely durable, breathable, and it adjusts to your body's core temperature quite nicely, making our pure linen sheets top-of-the-line in comfort for every season. Linen helps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and it wears exceptionally well -- acquiring softness and sheen with age and washing. This breezy, flowing fabric drapes beds and windows in graceful elegance, turning any room into a luxurious sanctuary. But perhaps best of all,  linen is a care-free fabric, needing only a simple machine wash, tumble dry on occasion to keep it looking fresh and new.  

If attention to detail, unique customization, and the highest quality of beautiful, breathable fabric are important to you, you're going to love everything that Linenshed has to offer. Couple that with excellence in customer service and a long line of satisfied customers behind us, and you have a company that's second to none. You can trust your order from Linenshed to be right and true and exact to specifications every time because we wouldn't have it any other way.

Offering a full, enchanting line of the softest linen bedding available as well as coordinating curtains and a full collection of men's and lady's leisure wear, Linenshed dresses yourself and your space in unparalleled appeal. Come see what we have to offer you today.