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Linen fabric, often seen as a first-rate material by professional designers, is one of most sought-after textiles in the world. Its wide range of properties and benefits make it a hot commodity for linen bedding, like our Stonewashed Linen Grey Duvet Cover.

A product of the earth, linen is one of the oldest fabrics, dating back to ancient Egypt. It’s made from the fiber of the sturdy flax plant, resulting in fabric that is nearly three times stronger, flexible, and durable than silk or cotton. Not to mention, linen is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Generally speaking, linen is a hassle-free fabric, easily maintained. Resistant to shrinkage, it has the ability to withstand high temperatures, and is machine washable (tumble dry safe, too). Although linen is capable of wrinkling, our 100% soft washed linen does not require ironing.  

In addition to the aforementioned qualities, the timeless textile is commonly associated with fashion and apparel. This is likely due to its light weight, soft, supple feel, and breathability. Over time, linen has come into its own - becoming the fabric of choice for home décor, as well.

Its lush, classic touch, and visually transformative abilities can turn any drabby, unimaginative room into a haven that is bright and spirited.

Linen is arguably one of, if not the leading, multi-purpose fabrics on the market.

Aside from embellishing household goods like, window shades and drapery, tableware, throw pillows, walls, and lampshades, many opt to include linen fabric in their bedding décor. Linen’s sophistication offers a sense of lavishness and beautyrom accessories, such as fitted sheets and linen bed skirts, to headboards and ornamental pillows all while providing solace.

Further, many studies have suggested linen fabric bedding contributes to improved health. Namely, promoting restorative sleeping patterns – stimulating a deeper, more relaxing slumber. Also, linen acts as an excellent temperature regulator, adjusting to your specific body temperature; it lasts longer than other fabrics typically used for bedding, getting stronger and softer with each wash; and it is extremely gentle on sensitive skin, as the fabric is known for its hypo-allergenic, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and bacteria resistant characteristics.

That said, Linenshed has a remarkable compilation of trendy bedding products, as the bedroom is one of the most sacred locations in any home; a place where peace and comfort is expected.

Our soft washed linen items are designed to provoke a variety of decorative looks and schemes, and includes the following: quilted, ruffled, and two-toned bedspreads, a selection of fitted and flat sheets, tons of basic to frayed pillowcases, an assortment of bed skirts, and one of our best-selling products – duvet covers; the grey duvet cover being a company favorite.

To highlight, our covers play a significant role in one’s bedroom, as it is clearly visible and noticeable. Dependent on your choice of color and style, it will set the mood and create the atmosphere you’re longing for in your place of rest and relaxation.

Incredibly functional, our seamless duvet covers serve various purposes – a protective cover for your current duvet, keeping it clean and free of stains, dirt, and dust; for warmth; and to give your bedroom a makeover without the hassle of replacing your duvet, which can be expensive.

As for other perks, our soft washed linen covers are naturally lint free, non-pilling, anti-static, and can be utilized all year round. They absorb moisture from the skin during warmer months and retain body warmth in cooler months, all while you sleep.

Whether a mustard or grey duvet cover, Linenshed has available sixteen (16) inviting hues to express your uniqueness.

Some of our favorites include icy blue, green tea, brick, aubergine, natural undyed, jet black, and earth brown, just to name a few. All sixteen shades lend to mixing and matching with other complementary necessities - sheets, bed skirts, pillowcases, and bedspreads. Just think, our salmon colored sheets and pillowcases could be paired well with our grey duvet cover.

It’s all up to you - our customers. Linenshed prides itself on giving you the freedom to experiment and bring to life your vision and concepts, no matter if you’re a professional designer or a DIY-er.

Regarding size, our linen duvet covers come in five standard sizes: twin (68” x 90”), full double (76” x 90”), queen (90” x 90”), king (104” x 90”), and California King (108” x 90”). We also have covered in you need to purchase “super sizes”.

For our patrons needing odd or specific sizes, we offer 100% customization. Per your measurements, we will create the exact size you need to fit your current comforter; we aim for perfection. In addition, you have the option to add mother of pearls button closures in place of our standard ‘self fabric ties’.

Giving your sanctuary a classy feel, while boasting a high-end, sumptuous appearance, our linen grey duvet cover and other linen bedding options have the ability to speak to one’s individuality and distinct style.

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