Washed Linen Bed Skirts

Our washed linen bed skirts are made from 100% pure French bed linen, adding flair to your bedroom. These washed linen bedding skirts are made to be durable and easy to use, as well as stylish and attractive. These bed skirts allow you to utilize the space underneath the bed for storage, without your belongings being visible to the eye.

Linen sheets are low-maintenance and hard-wearing, in spite of their delicate and gentle feel. The fabric softens over time and use, softening to a comfortable, broken-in feel, personalized to the owner’s particular use. These shabby chic linen bed skirts also come in a variety of styles that can fit any interior design, from an elegant bedroom to a more rustic and quaint sleeping quarter. In addition to their use of integrating into a interior design, these bed skirts come in an array of possibilities. Choose from a variety of ruffle styles and textures to the more classic knotted styles. The wrinkled linen bed skirt also comes in a variety of subtle, soothing colors designed to address every taste and function.

Our three styles of washed linen bed skirts are the perfect addition to your bed. The Soft Washed Linen Dust Ruffle Skirt hangs to the floor to prevent dust from collecting under your bed while concealing whatever items you stored underneath. Our Pure Linen Ruffled Bedskirt, made from flax fibre, is a high-durable bedding option without sacrificing great design elements. Our Linen Knotted Bed Skirt is stonewashed linen, giving a rustic look while providing an incredibly soft feel.

Each bed skirt style comes in fifteen color options, softens with each use, and prevents fungal and bacterial infections, while keeping dust out and hiding your under-the-bed stored items!



Our flat sheets come in all of the following sizes:

  • Twin - 72” x 102”
  • Full Double - 81” x 102”
  • Queen - 100” x 108”
  • King - 118” x 108”
  • Cal King - 118” x 108”


Features for the Linen Bed Skirt

  • 100% Soft Washed Linen from French Flax
  • Seamless deck, using wide width fabric
  • Covers cover spring on three sides
  • Standard drop height is 15”
  • One center pleat with two split corners on front/side panels
  • Linen material is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergenic
  • Machine washable with linen becoming softer after each wash
  • No ironing needed and shrink-proof
  • Customizable sizes up to 20” for no extra charge!



Care Instructions for Our Linen Bedskirts

When caring for your linens, it’s important to take necessary precautions and follow instructions to ensure proper cleaning and maintain the feel of the fabric. When washing, start off by using water up to 60* degrees Celsius. Water over this temperature can be destructive to the linen fabric, so be sure to keep it below 60* Celsius. We recommend using natural or mild detergent and soaps when washing linen fabric. The gentleness of natural and mild detergents is great for cleaning the fabric without being too strong and abrasive to the naturalness of the linen fabric. Abrasion from overloading the drum can also harm linen sheets and can wear down the fabric much faster. Last but not least, never use bleach on these linens! It’ll destroy the fibers and begin to wear out the fabric. Drying our linen products is straight-forward and simple. Dry using low heat, on a delicate setting to preserve the lifespan of the sheets.


Avoid ironing your linen sheets! The beauty of the vintage washed linen treatment resides in it’s crumpled, aged texture. To keep this look, do not iron your linens! Do not dry clean your linens either. No 100% linen bed sheet, linen bed skirt, or linen clothing should not be dry cleaned!



Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Linenshed has been wrapping the world in the softest, most refined fabric. With over 20 years of combined experience, our skilled artisans craft each item to be unique, with our 100% pure flax linen. There is no assembly line, no warehousing, no middleman. Our products are constructed using the highest quality French linen out there, customized to fit your exact needs, and assembled by our talented team of textile artists who take immense pride and joy in what they do.


Linen has a wealth of advantages over other fabrics like cotton, polyester, etc. Linen is extremely durable, breathable, and it adjusts to your body's core temperature quite nicely, making our pure linen sheets top-of-the-line in comfort for every season. Linen helps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, wearing in exceptionally well, acquiring softness and character with age and washing. This free-flowing fabric drapes beds and windows in elegance, turning any room into a luxurious sanctuary, matching any interior design seamlessly. But best of all,  linen is a care-free fabric, needing only a simple machine wash with low heat, and a tumble dry on occasion to keep it looking fresh and new.   


If attention to detail, unique customization, and the highest quality of beautiful, breathable fabrics are important to you, you're going to love everything that Linenshed has to offer. Our excellence in customer service and long list of satisfied customers ensure that you have a company that's second to none creating custom linens for you. You can trust your order from Linenshed to be right and true, meeting your exact specifications and expectations every time. Come see what we have to offer, and what bedding needs we can fulfill for you today, like a linen bed skirt or a linen fitted sheet!


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