Why We Don't Do Sales at LINENSHED

Sales are fun, right? They can be. Really, who doesn't crave the opportunity to buy last season's clearance socks or the hottest Christmas toys from 2015? What you may not know is that reduced prices mean reduced value. Customers who shop sales spend less, but they also get less. At Linenshed, we strive to provide more to our customers. We want to make the best, be the best, and sell the best linens that money can buy. We aspire to greatness.

Why Stores Have Sales

Retail stores and e-commerce sites sell mass-produced goods at low prices. Often these goods have a short shelf life and limited service life. Two or three times per year, typical stores participate in massive sales, generating quick cash and dumping their inventory to make room for the next big thing.

What Makes Linenshed So Different

Linenshed has no inventory. None. Our business model is different. We don't make or sell items in bulk. Each item is made to order. Every sheet, bedspread and linen bedding set we sell are unique and custom-made for our customers. We design our linens to fit your bed. Each piece we sell is made to meet your individual needs. Just think of us as artisans. ...and the product you buy? It's art. Art for your bed.

When you go to sleep at night, you'll be resting comfortably on a custom-made bed linen designed to last for years and get more comfortable with every washing. There's no middle man. It just us waiting here to sell you the best price custom-made linen money can buy. Sounds cool, right?

Get Ready for a Different Shopping Experience

Sales are good, but Linenshed is better. We're the best place to buy linen sheets. If you've never bought custom-made linens before, get ready for a unique shopping experience. Check out our bed linen store USA and get ready to buy a sensational product, made just for you.