Top 5 Reasons to Wear Off the Shoulder Linen Tops This Summer

Summer is a fabulous time to wear an off the shoulder linen top! Want to know why?

  1. Linen breathes well. People sweat a lot in summer, but linen lets the sweat out and keeps the skin cool.
  2. Linen is casual. Linen is the perfect material to wear to fun summer get-together at a friend’s house.
  3. You can dress linen up if need be. Linen has a chic quality that makes it a great material to wear with skirts, dress up pants, khakis and your favourite pair of slacks.
  4. Linen makes an excellent beach cover up! Whether you’re in a bikini or swim trunks, linen slips off and on easily over swimwear.
  5. Linen is comfortable for all occasions. Whether you’re lounging around in the backyard or going out for a night of fun and celebration, linen is the perfect item of clothing to wear for all summer occasions.

At LINENSHED, we help everyone have a great summer in their casually rumpled, completely comfortable linen clothing. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect tops to go with your favourite summer outfits. Our off the shoulder linen shirts are comfortable but elegant, full of fun, sexy style. Each of our tops is made to order and are designed to be worn over and over. Linen gets more comfortable and softer with every wash. We provide clothing in a variety of colours to match all your outfits. Check out our website to order your own linen shirt today.

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