Linen Boxers, The Perfect Pair of Underwear

Linenshed is proud to announce its new line of men’s boxers, available to order just like our comforters, pillowcases, curtains and other linen products. Whether it’s a lazy Saturday morning spent in bed, a hard day at work or a fun Friday night with friends, Linenshed boxers are the perfect pair of underwear for all occasions.

Comfortable, Casual, Stylish

You want to look good in your underwear and feel good at the same time. Linenshed boxers are made of flax linen for a relaxed, classic fit that looks good on men of all sizes. Since all our products are made to fit the customer, our boxers are designed for your body only.

Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Linenshed linen is natural, breathable and cool, so it sits well beneath clothing of all types and materials. People with sensitive skin value linen for its soft texture and hypoallergenic qualities. Linen softens the more it is washed and worn, so you'll love your boxers more with each day.

Rumpled and Relaxing

Linenshed boxers have a naturally rumpled quality, just like our other linen products. They never need to be ironed; wear them in their natural state. Our boxers fit snugly against your body, which means they naturally creased and increased throughout the day.

Made to Order

All of our products are made to order to ensure a perfect fit for all of our customers. With an elastic waistline that is neither too snug nor too loose and perfectly sewn legs that feel just right on your body, Linenshed boxers are designed to fit perfectly inside jeans, shorts and other forms of day wear.

We never have inventory, which means your boxers will be made for you.