Introducing New Linen Color: Aubergine

Deep and rustic, earthy and poignant, our new color aubergine is as rich and beautiful as any hue that you'll find inside or outside the bedroom. From our linen bedding to linen curtains, all of our fabrics now come in this saturated, intense shade.

What kind of colors combines well with aubergine? We recommend pairing aubergine with light brown or beige, warm shades of gray and soft shades of springy, light green.

In bedrooms lacking natural light, combine aubergine linen sheet sets with our optic white or chalk colored linen duvet covers. The bright, clean elegance of the duvet cover will help brighten the room, while the darker sheets will create an accent for the duvet. In bedrooms exposed to a great deal of natural light, we recommend the reverse: an aubergine duvet set combined with optic white or chalk colored sheets. These gorgeous colors make a striking pair, drawing attention to the bed and inviting you to lay down and rest.

Is your bed an unusual shape or size? That's not a problem. Remember, all our pieces are custom made and we keep no inventory. Anything you order will be custom made specifically for you. 

Duvet Cover Aubergine - Linenshed