Nothing brings life back to homes like colours! Your home décor should reflect your personality in taste and style. With a little help from our marvelous 14 current colours you can easily achieve this. Our "Linenshed" online store offers you some of the best linen bedding items and clothing with the most amazing color palette you can choose from.

Now you can highlight your existing decoration with some indigo blue linen elements such as curtains, tablecloth, duvet cover and pillow case. The indigo blue is completing our blue tones which features the already so popular icy blue and French blue. The best part is that the indigo blue can be combined with other existing colours. Moreover, it can also be easily mixed with other tones such Brick, Natural or Ivory.

This color can be used on any of the items that our store offers from line duvet cover, linen curtains, linen bedding, quilted linen bedspread and linen bedskirt among others. Blue is an incredible color that is associated to nature elements. Just think of the marvelous clear blue sky that makes a sunny day more incredible and how much effect would it bring to your home. Blue shades have great effects on mood as they encourage relaxation this is especially so with brighter shades.

Make that bedroom more comforting from our two tone linen duvet covers where you can now use the indigo blue color as a contrasted color to an other shade. You can also make your room warmer with some indigo blue linen drapes. Your linen bedding or quilted bedspread with a touch of this new color could really make that night awesome. Play around with colors by mixing the indigo blue with other colors for instance, you can have your linen bedskirt color as indigo blue and mix that with a duvet cover in an other color of your choice. However, make sure that you don’t jumble up colors that do not go together.

Wait no more, visit our online store at Linen-shed.com and treat yourself with some of our amazing linen items in this beautiful new indigo blue color.