Getting Ready for College? Buy the Right Sheets!

The months before college begins is a time of excitement, anticipation and lots of shopping. Buying the right products for your college dorm is important for ensuring a smooth transition from home to the university of your choice.

As a student getting ready to leave for school, there’s no doubt you’ve got a long list of items to buy, from comforters to can openers. One of the products that many students struggle to find in their shopping excursions are the extra long twin sheets needed to fit the student mattresses in the dorm.

What’s An Extra Long Twin?

A standard twin bed is approximately 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. For most people, this is long enough to be comfortable. For very tall people, twin mattresses are too small. To ensure that all students can comfortably fit in the beds that the college provides, college twin beds are 5 inches longer. Standard twin sheets will not fit extra long twin mattresses.

Having A Hard Time XLTwin? Try Linenshed.

College students always complain that it's hard to find XL twin sheets, and when they do, the sheets can be poor quality. At Linenshed, we make all of our sheets to order and everything is hand made. Your sheets will fit your bed, no matter what the size. Whether you’re sleeping in a standard twin, extra long twin or on a cot on the floor of the frat house where your buddies live, we can make sheets to fit your bed and your lifestyle.

Best of all, your sheets will be made from top-quality linen, which are perfect for college for a variety of reasons:

  • Allergy suppressing. Dorm rooms can be dusty, cramped and difficult to keep clean. For people who have dust sensitivities and allergies, this can make living in a dorm room uncomfortable and difficult. Linen suppresses the growth of bacteria and fungus to make for a more comfortable, pleasant sleep. Your dorm room may be dusty, but at least you won’t have to lose sleep over it.
  • When you’re sharing space with a roommate, you don’t always get to pick the temperature of the room. Linen is cool and breathable, so even if you're a little too warm some nights, you can still sleep comfortably.
  • Soft. Linen is soft, and gets softer with each washing. In your first few weeks of college, your comfort will be especially important. It’s hard to sleep in a new place in a new bedroom. That’s why the soft feeling of linen will be so welcome and inviting; you’ll feel good falling into bed at night. Linen sheets make it possible to fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night.
  • Linen sheets are tough, and they get tougher with each washing. 

Contact Linenshed!

At Linenshed, we make sheets, comforters and all other bedding to order, so your linens are guaranteed to fit your mattress when you arrive at college. To get started with your order, contact us today. 

Meta Description: Have you bought your extra long twin sheets for college yet? If not, this is the time to get started! At Linenshed our XL twin sheets are made to order.