Give Linen Sheets as Presents and Avoid the Holiday Shopping Rush

Pure linen bedding is a holiday gift that shows you care, making it an ideal choice for dear friends and family. Your gift of linen sheets, pillowcases and more, ensures that you’ll be thought of often, whenever your loved ones use their new linen bedding.

Linen Bedding: The Gift of Peaceful Comfort

If the lucky recipient is familiar with linen duvet covers, pillowslips and sheets, he or she will instantly appreciate the quality of your gift. If, on the other hand, the giftee has never experienced linen bedding, they will be in for a pleasant surprise. Linen is a joy to sleep in, feels great next to the skin, and brings a peaceful sense of calm to the bedroom. Not only that, but linen bedding is simple to care for and it only gets better with age. What's more, fine French linen is free of allergens, so those with the most sensitive skin can sleep between linen sheets in complete comfort.

Create a Dreamy Bedroom with Pure Linen Bedding

As the holidays approach, consider a bedroom makeover for your own home with new linen bedding. Enjoy convenient online ordering for your new linen bedding collection, handcrafted of the highest quality flax linen by the linen experts at Linenshed. Select a gift just for you from our wide range of colorful hues inspired by nature, finished in just the size you require. Here on our website, you'll find everything you needed to renew your bedroom décor with linen for the holidays, from pillow shams to bedspreads to bed skirts and much more.

At Linenshed, we create and customize your order quickly, and in 2-3 days it is ready to ship. Once shipped, your order will arrive on your doorstep in just 5 to 8 working days. Choose high-quality, handcrafted French linen bedding from Linenshed for the holiday season. Order now to avoid the rush!