The Simple Secrets to Linen Care

Sleeping on real linen bedding is such a comfortable experience that you may not realize how strong the natural flax fibers really are. It's easy to see (and feel) why real linen sheets and textiles have been prized since ancient times. Even better, it doesn’t take much to keep your family linens looking and feeling heavenly for years to come. Let these easy linen care tips be your guide.

Caring for Natural Linen Bedding

Follow our expert tips from the makers of fine linen sheets (where you can conveniently buy bed linens online) and your bedding will become even more comfortable and breathable with time. Remember however, if a piece of advice conflicts with your specific manufacturer's instructions (or your Grandmother's sage advice) about caring for your particular set of bedding, be sure to follow their instructions. You'll find the uncomplicated linen care for Linenshed's pure European bed linens similar to that of other fine natural fabrics:​

  • Preserve the sumptuousness of your linen sheets, pillow shams, duvet covers, bed skirts and more by machine washing in the gentle or delicate cycle. Hand washing is also an option, but dry cleaning should be avoided.
  • Use cool or lukewarm water and mild soap when washing real linen bed coverings. Soft water is ideal. You’ll notice that your linen becomes even softer and more absorbent with every washing.
  • Button up your duvets or pillow shams before washing. 
  • Use a gentle soap and try using half the amount suggested on the gentle detergent bottle.
  • Add linen sheets after soap has already been added and the washer’s tub has filled with water. 
  • Wash like colors together, and in a separate load from any synthetic fabrics, or any heavier items (like jeans with metal zippers), to prevent abrasion to your sheets. Don’t overload the washer.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach on your linen, in order to preserve the natural color and texture of your custom bed linens.
  • For spot removal, use bar soap rubbed into damp fabric or mild detergent. Always try any cleaning method on a hidden area first.
  • For drying, tumble dry in the clothes dryer set on cool, low or wrinkle release. Remove your linens when slightly damp to preserve the softness and supple hand. 
  • Lay your linen bed sheets flat on a rack to finish drying or hang them on a clothesline to complete the drying process.
  • As you may imagine, ironing is not needed for linen bedclothes, especially if they have been hung to dry. The slight rumpling of natural linen is part of its inviting look, breathable style and comfort. You can spray with water if you want to target a small wrinkle from securing to the clothesline, for example. The wrinkle will relax and flatten. 
  • Linens should be stored in a cool and dry place. Neither cardboard boxes nor plastic clothing bags are recommended. Avoid smothering your natural linen with those storage methods.

By following these hints for linen laundering, you can look forward to decades of nights spent enjoying your luxurious, real linen bed linens. In fact, with these expert linen care tips, you may never need another set of linen bed sheets, but you’ll want enough for every bed in your home. For the best in hand-sewn, natural European linen, in your choice of stunning hues, buy bed linens online at Linenshed.