Breakfast in Bed: Awakening in Comfort with Linen Bedding

After spending a restful night in linen bedding, start the day in a special way. Get elegant breakfast in bed recipe ideas from Linenshed.

Breakfast in bed is a lovely tradition, but it’s one you might not think of (or ordinarily have time for) in today’s busy, multi-tasking world. Its rarity is part of what makes breakfast in bed so special! It's a luxury as well as a simple gesture that means a lot; and yes, it's even better when served while resting in custom bed linen easily ordered online. Your comfy breakfast indulgence goes perfectly with the simple luxury of real linen bed linens. Before starting your busy morning whirl, take time to enjoy one of these quick, yet thoughtfully indulgent, breakfast-in-bed menus:

Yogurt and Berries: This refreshing day-starter doesn’t require any cooking, so it’s great for that spur- of-the-moment breakfast or treat. With assistance from you, well-rested kids can make breakfast in bed to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day in mid-May. To make this simple, healthy breakfast in bed: Simply layer your favorite berries alternating with 2 tablespoons of yogurt until your chosen mug, glass or bowl is filled. Layer in some tasty granola for good measure.

Champaign and Toast: You can both make a toast and serve toast, whole wheat or sourdough, along with jam or fruit preserves. This “breakfast” is simple gesture where the thought counts most. Pre-chill your Champaign somewhere it won’t be seen in advance, or wake early to nestle a bottle in a beautiful ice bucket. This makes a lovely visual presentation but may be difficult to carry on a tray. If you have a breakfast trolley, however, it can be ideal. Then comfortably cuddle up in your natural linen sheets and share the feast.

Scrambled Eggs Plus Anything: You know what the giftee likes! Add their favorite spices, veggies, meat or tofu to eggs, or egg whites. Scramble, then pile on the plate. Lay a single rose for romance on the tray for good measure. For other occasions, you could choose the birthday-person’s favorite flower. Complete the picture with a glass of orange juice.

Celebrity-style Day Starter: If you really want to go all out for your breakfast surprise, use one of the elegant recipe options from well-known chef Rachel Ray, including Eggs in Clouds. It’s a delicious combo of eggs with bacon (or substitute tofu), chives and Romano cheese.

Sleep in Linen, Awake in Nirvana

Breakfast in bed can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. You don’t really need an occasion or holiday—every morning is special when sleeping in real linen bed linens. Use breakfast to brighten your Mom’s day for Mothers Day, create a small party for your husband or wife’s birthday, or surprise that special someone on Valentine’s Day. The occasions for breakfast in bed are endless. In fact, Tuesday will do and Saturday could be divine. Let these ideas inspire you to create the perfect morning (after a good night’s sleep) with breakfast in bed.

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