Dare linen (mix & match) colored bedding

There is one thing for sure, at Linenshed we love color ! But when we are selecting a new tint, we think about one lasting as long as our linen bedding lasts, that means not the time of a season, and not one which is just flirting with the fashionable color of a particular period or the "elected" color of the year.

You are choosing a bedding set made from 100 % pure linen, and one of the reasons, beside its un-matching comfort, is because you want your bed linen color to remain the same month after month, and even softer and better,  washing after washing without signs of wear unlike other fabric bed linens.

Good ! but then, you don’t want either to get bored of that particular hue that sparkled your sight once on that sunny day. 

For those who dare the color with their bed linen, it’s important to keep in mind that bedding set should be matching with one general décor, but also going with the vibes and the particular ambience the user wants to create or preserve in bedroom. But the most important is that whatever combination comes out, it will be yours and unique, kept together in a personal new way.

If you are the classic style, go for our Natural, Brick or Earth color. These tones will bring you even closer to the natural elements furnishing your room. This bedding collection is very earthy and gets tonality capable to warm up immediately the atmosphere of your bedroom. In single tone or mix & match, you can’t go wrong.

For those with more edginess, the optical white, our stone grey and lead grey are perfect to achieve a more sharper bedding makeover. Nothing looks more clean and at the same time more elegant than pure white soft washed linen sheets. Dare to play the three colors together to soften the gravity of a dark gray bedding set.

Our collection of French blue flax linen bedding inspired by French country side household linen symbolizes French culture. Very Classy with a touch of modernity.

Last, if you feel that the softness of you linen bedding is not enough to the touch, go for our icy blue or pale rose that bring a deep positive effect for rest and relaxation.

Stay tuned with Linenshed as we will introduce soon some new colors to complete our existing rich linen palette giving you more options ever to dare a unique linen mix & match colored bedding set for yourself.