Find the best source for great value for money linen bedding

How much should i pay?

-The price tag is often not significant for defining the quality of a product. Within this price, there could be many parameters involved, and it’s important to know how much value has really gone into the product you buy.  So, don’t overspend when you could get more for less.

Although, you can’t dream over of buying a pure linen bedding set cheaper than a cotton one. If you really want your linen bedding not being of a blend with some other fiber (cotton, bamboo or else) or a sub product made from 2 nd or 3 rd grade mixed flax fiber or of such a poor density that your linen sheets won't last more than a couple of washes.

Where it is coming from ?

- The origin of the finished product is neither a guarantee of quality. It’s better to buy a product made in the far east using the best 1st grade linen yarn that a product made in Italy or Portugal which would be using a 2nd of 3 rd grade fiber to compensate higher manufacturing overheads while trying to remain competitive in pricing.
- Remember, the quality of linen yarn used is the base of your linen sheet, and if its provenance is not from a country where the flax plant is providing a long and soft fiber, and unless you got the chance to grab one of the last vintage French linen sheet available on a flea market, then, it’s important to know from which provenance your newly produced linen sheet is made from and this is already a first step to not go wrong in your purchase.  
- France and Belgium are known to produce the finest quality linen fiber, ahead of Ireland and Scotland ones and the thread from the long flax fiber is a guarantee of a better fabric quality with less knots and slubs, more resistance to rubbing, smoother and as a result, more comfortable for the end user.

Does the weight and density of the linens i buy matters ?

- Then comes to the weaving part of it, and the thread count issue. Some people consider that it’s not so important in linen fabric as for a cotton sheet, but if you compare a usually 104 threads count linen sheet from most of the linen bedding proposed by the chain stores with a weight around 140 gsm to an over 110 threads count per inch and 180 gsm 9 (grams per square meter) one as we use for our Linenshed linen bedding collection, there will be a whole world of difference, maybe not at first sight, but while you wash it, you use it and you wish to repeat this for a long period of time over and over before it shows the first signs of wear. Our fabric maintains the perfect weight that will provide you with the quality you were expecting. A heavier weight and long-staple linen fiber will always be more substantial and yields a better texture, more moisture absorption and softer after many washes over. 
- Whatever you buy, a bedding set, or a piece of line home wear or casual wear, once you will have experienced the feel of a high quality linen fabric, you won’t like to compromise anymore because you will for sure enjoy the multiple benefits that a high quality linen item provides.