Do your current bed linens deserve 5 stars ?

Planning to give your bedding a makeover? You can do very easily by using pure linen sheets and pillowcases and replacing step by step your cotton sheets. You may have many bed sheets but nothing is matching in quality a sheet made from pure linen so, spend a few more bucks and get the natural, eco-friendly pure linen sheet for your bedding requirements to give it a complete makeover.

Pure linen sheets offer so many benefits it actually becomes a lifestyle changer, a Feng Shui trick which makes you feel a lot fresher and energetic than before and helps you concentrate more on your work and enjoy life. All this happens just because you put up a pure linen sheet on your bed instead of the one made of any other fabric.

This is because a very basic and major activity of our life is sleeping, it is good and comforting when we use a pure linen sheet and get a good sleep that will give a very positive reflection on other activities of our life. So, this is why you should not delay to change the sheets and pillowcases you are using right now and bring some pure linen sheets and pillowcases for your bedding needs.

Although the linen sheets and pillowcases are costlier than the cotton or the ones made of other fabrics, there is a very distinct advantage in using the linen sheets. Linen sheets last for years and continue to glow and provide comfort till they last, which is not in the case of sheets made of other fabrics. Cotton sheets are usually fading within a few weeks of use and couple of washes and are also a lot weaker in structure as compared to the pure linen ones. Similar is the case with sheets made of other fabrics; they do not last long and lose their quality and color. Just think about the quantity of lint you may get from them into the dryer every time.

There are various other advantages of using pure linen bedding materials. Pure linen sheets are anti-viral and keep the allergens at bay, which an ordinary sheet cannot. Linen sheets also keep the temperature regulated so that you feel the warmth of the sheets in winters and feel cool during the summers, which is due to the high heat conducting capacity of the pure linen.

Linen fabric also has an advantage over the sheets made from other materials that its surface allows the blood to flow to all the body parts, which is extremely necessary during sleep. Sheets made of natural linen are the best for people having a hypersensitive skin and can also be used for people having allergy. As it keeps the pathogens at bay, there is a relatively less chances of anyone falling ill due to viral or bacterial infection in your home.

And last but not the least, the luxury and comfort which a pure linen sheet provides is simply beyond description and one cannot get that feel in any other sheet in the world. So, get some pure linen sheets and live and sleep like a king as you give your bedding a 5 star makeover!

Photo by Lisa Cohen for The White Room / Melbourne