There is no cure for Linen addiction

The health benefits of using linen, the timeless asset a linen item is and other positive aspects of using linen have always attracted people over the world. However, the feeling that one gets when slipping in a pure linen fabric sheet is totally a class apart. The soft, smooth and relaxing feel which a natural linen sheets provides is secondary to none and one would have no words to describe that extraordinary feel.

We spend nearly a one-third of our lives sleeping in our cozy beds. So why not make it worthwhile? Yes, sleeping on quality pure linen sheets and using linen pillows make sleeping a truly spectacular experience, especially so after a hard day's work. Also, spending a few extra bucks on the bedding items is worthwhile as it ensures that you get the pure linen products which let you enjoy a good night's sleep. Natural linen products are made of the best flax fiber that makes it lasting longer owing to the high quality material used. Even the ones who received dyes colors last long if made of pure linen compare to any other fabric such cotton, bamboo or silk.

We specifically aim to provide high quality products for your bedding requirements through our collection of wide range of bedding items. Our bedding products are high-end and of great quality, letting you explore the true feel of pure linen, which other fabrics cannot. To get an idea of our quality products, you can order one of our ten colors swatch card which would be delivered to you to have a look and feel of it. If you find it worthwhile, you may place an order (you would be tempted to do so, for sure!) with us for your bedding requirements.

Our ten colors swatch card lets you know our product's quality. We also offer custom order facility so that you can get a product of your choice, even if it's not there in our readymade product collection. It happens at times that your bed size may not match with our sheets or that the design which you want is not available in a particular color. In such a scenario, our “need a custom order” facility comes in handy, using which, you can very easily place a bespoke order according to your specific requirements. That’s great!

So, ensure that you enjoy a night's sleep like a king between those linen sheets. It is worth the money you are spending, and you would realize this once you start using a 100% linen sheet on your bed. Linen, apart from the comfort it provides, also has many health benefits associated with its use.


Natural linen is made from flax seeds, which ensure that your body remains cool during the summer months and warmer during the frosty winters. This heat regulating property makes linen an asset worth possessing. Linen also acts as a strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal surface, which keeps the germs at bay! Another major advantage of using pure linen sheets is that it gets better after every wash; becoming softer and smoother. So, make sure that you invest in pure linen products not blended fabric beddings and enjoy it for long time.

Reach out to us and get quality linen products at reasonable prices, which perfectly suits your preferences. We offer all bedding products including duvet covers, top sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases, dust ruffles, bed skirt, window curtains and bolsters; all made of pure linen! But please don’t complain you can’t do without linen later, because we don’t have any remedy for it.