How to care your “Linenshed” linen bed linens and clothing.

"LINENSHED" 100 % Pure linen bedding linens and clothing are very easy to care, and if you observe few basic precautions, you can ensure to enjoy them for a very long period of time.


You can wash your linen linens by machine at hot temperature, up to 60˙ C. In the past, housewives used to boil water for washing their linen sheets, but when the fabric has been dyed, it is required to wash at lower temperature to preserve the colors. Pure linen is stronger that any other fabric such cotton and it will become softer and stronger over many washes.


Never use bleach as it’s destroying the fiber very quickly.


If you don’t have any other way to have your linens dry, such on a clothesline, use dryer on a low heat and delicate setting. Think about all the lint you collect after drying cloths by electric dryer. It tends to reduce the life of you linens by breaking natural fibers causing premature wearing.

Ironing: The beauty of these vintage washed linens resides in its crumpled texture and soft feel. So to preserve its crushed look, it is not required using iron at all. If you wish to remove some creasing, you should iron at “Linen” setting to avoid breaking the fiber.

Dry Cleaning:

Never dry clean 100 % Linen linens.

Extra care advices :

Always wash you linens separately, don’t overload the washing machine, don’t mixed with some other cloths, over stressing or excessive abrasion may damage or cause tearing to your linen bedding set.
Same precaution is advisable while drying them in electric dryer.
Use only gentle liquid detergent, no washing powder or harsh detergent, and never keep it directly in the drum of your machine to avoid concentration that would cause discoloration or white stains.
Small weaving knots are a part of the beauty of natural fabric, never try to trim it as it may cause a small hole in your sheet.

Enjoy your "LINENSHED" 100 % Pure Linen Bedding and Clothing all year long !