Mix and match your own bedding set

Selecting the bedding items is the most difficult task for many, considering the fact that they are unable to decide which fabric to choose, which color and design to pick and would it match or not. These are only a few of the doubts which pop up in most people's mind when they step out to shop for bedding set. As we have removed one of your doubts regarding which fabric to pick for your bedding requirements (pure linen) in the other articles, here we would help you out with the other ones.

Pure linen is no doubt a luxury to have, but what's better is that you have a variety of colors for your bedding to pick from our ten linen colors swatch card. However, this at times turns into a 'problem of plenty' as most of us struggle to pick the right bedding material for our bedrooms. This is where our eight linen swatch cards would come in handy, for you to decide which colors would be ideal for your bedroom.


You can order a linen swatch card/sample from us which would help you in deciding which color and design to pick for your bedding set. Our team ships the swatch card immediately after you place and order for the same and you would receive it in a few days, depending in your location.

Bedroom is place where you can relax and have a good night's sleep before you start off for your next day again. So, having the right color combinations should make you feel relaxed and also keep you refresh for work. The right colors and combination give the bedroom a makeover which just makes it look perfect!


So, keep in mind the colors which adore the walls of your bedroom before buying your bed sheets. Obviously, there is no point in buying a Blue bed sheet if you have your bed room's walls painted in Turquoise ! So make sure you are always picking the contrast colors to make it look good and serene. For instance, a white color bed sheet would be optimal for your bedroom if its walls are painted in blue.

Once you have decided which colors to pick for your bed sheet, there are a number of bedding sets available at our store for each sheet color which would help you in giving your bedroom a perfect makeover. We have various combinations for bedding set of each color and that would be an added luxury for using a pure linen bedding set, apart from the health benefits linen bedding materials provides.

So, reach out to us and get a wide range of bedding sets, garments and other items made of flax linen from our store to choose from. Our eight linen swatch cards should help you in picking the right bedding set for your bedroom, helping you in enjoying a comfortable and relaxing sleep after a hard day's work. Our swatch cards have been designed keeping in mind the optimal colors which work in combination with each other so that it easier for you to pick a bedding set which suits your requirements.

Apart from the swatch cards, you can also optimize a bedding set yourself, according to your liking from our collection ranging over many colors and designs.

We also offer a wide range of clothing material including casual wear, lounge wear, sleep wear amongst others which is made of pure linen; providing comfort and maintaining the ideal body temperature. Our clothing collection also has a wide range to pick from, which ensures that you get that you get comfort without any compromise with your fashion sense.

So, reach out to us for all your 100 % linen bedding and linen clothing requirements and we would be more than happy to provide the right products at optimal costs to you.