Do you think valances is old fashioned ?

Bed skirts are used mainly to cover the spring box of your bed and other items which one keeps below the bed. In recent times, its use is to basically act as a screen, hiding the things which you have stored beneath your bed. However, it can be used to give your bedroom a complete makeover, if used effectively! It can really add that extra bit of color, style and pattern to your bedroom and Linenshed pure linen bed skirts are also designed keeping this in mind.

A bed skirt, however, should be chosen keeping in mind that it works well with your bedroom's other furnishing. You can create a very smooth and contemporary appearance of your bedroom by taking into use perfect bed skirt with straight edges, or a more romantic atmosphere with one gathered dust ruffle strolling down to the floor. Bed skirts are also quite customizable and can be used for a day bed or a coach. A white or grey bed skirt adds that clean appearance to your room while a natural, a brown or brick one would attach more warmth. So, using the right bed skirt would have a positive impact on your mindset and keep you relaxed while you slip into your bed.

In concise, a bed skirt gives that final touch to your bedroom decoration and makes it just perfect. However, do note that if one bed skirt would go down well with most of the decorating themes, it sometimes does not fit in some. So, be careful with that. Most of the decorating themes ensure that your bedroom glows a lot more with the use of a bed skirt and so, make sure you buy the right one and in a 100 % pure linen that enables an easy care.

Beside being beautiful, it must be also practical and easy to wash and dry fast so you can give it a fresh look in less than an hour.

Bed skirts work perfectly for themes such as a Victorian theme, the French theme (also known as Paris Apartment theme), or even a romantic bedroom theme. It adds a lot to the look of your bedroom, and so a bed skirt is highly recommended if you are following these themes for your bedroom decoration.

Our Bed skirts come in a variety of styles, all mattresses standards and 8 colors, so getting the right one for your bedroom is only what you must be looking at. Depending on your bed size and type, you can easily get a pure linen bed skirt from us. Bed skirts are also determined by the drop size, which is the measurement of top of spring box to the floor of your bedroom. Majority of commercial box springs are 15 “ ( 38 cm), however, you can place a custom order if your bed's drop size differs from the standard sized ones.

So, get in touch with us to order one of your favorite 100% pure linen tailor made bed skirts.

And note that whatever the size, our box spring covers are seamless and made from the same 100 % washed linen material that the drop. Thank you for visiting our section for bed skirts and check out readymade bed skirts collection, featuring bed skirts of all types and colors.

And remember, all our valances are always coordinated to all our pure vintage washed linen products proposed in our store for all your bedding requirements such as doona covers, top sheet, fitted sheet, pillow cases and bolsters.