Pure Linen Fitted sheets for a better quality sleep.

ECO-friendly pure linen fitted sheets with deep pocket and elastic all around are combining comfort and durability.

Contrary to some beliefs, the making of a fitted sheet is taking a wider width of fabric that a flat sheet for the equivalent mattress size, so only few makers are able to offer it because they will need a very wide linen fabric to make it seamless while featuring generous side pockets. Furthermore, due to the large variety of mattress standards, it makes it too difficult for distributors to keep an inventory of all colors in each size. I am not talking about the time necessary to finish it with the elastic all around.

Since at Linenshed is making every sheet on order, we can offer to make your fitted sheets in any standard size or custom made, with deep or small pocket on demand. Most of the fitted sheets with our 15” pocket will fit perfectly any mattress, but if you have a very thick mattress, we will tailor make higher wall and give more room to it, making sure the all around elastic of your vintage washed soft linen fitted sheet perfectly and securely holds on your mattress and prevents the sheets from hanging down the bed.

In our store, we propose not lesser than 13 different standard sizes corresponding to mattress sizes from USA, Australia and Europe, all are available in our 8 current linen colors.

Experience and heavenly sleep on a mattress which will feel suddenly softer and relaxing with a linen fitted sheet made from the highest quality flax from France.

Enjoy the typical look and very easy care properties of this luxurious fabric, slightly crumpled and cloudy that requires no ironing, and because the linen sheet does not rumple easily, you won’t have to spend time making your bed every morning. Your bed will look always fresh and immaculate.