Soft washed pure linen bedding sets you have been wandering to purchase…

Then, after visiting couple of websites on the internet, you started getting more and more confused and asking yourself so many questions;

-Why such a difference in price whether online or offline for the same sized linen bedding sets from one store to an other ?

-Is the fabric weight matters ? is it pre-shrunk Linen ?

-Is the fabric width offered by the vendor enables seamless wide sheets ?

-Where does the fabric originated from ? Is it better if the flax fiber is from Eastern Europe or France, Belgium, Ireland ?


And you were right ! all these points matter, mostly now that Linen has become more popular and has been proposed by some big mass market distributors, you should not be mislead. When you are about to purchase what you believe should be your best bedding set, it should be made exclusively from 100 % linen fabric and not less.

Linenshed is only using 100 % Pure linen fabric in making bedding sets, and because the words “Pure Linen” is a warranty that the fabric from which your linen bedding sets were made are not containing any other blends such cotton, what would totally annihilate all the promises of a 100 % pure linen bedding set. The softness and comfort of a rustic washed linen even for the most delicate skins, its durability and other inherent properties that none other fabric is equivalent is only features of a pure linen material, But it’s not all.

France & Belgium are for their climate a best place on earth to grow the flax plants from which a long and soft staple yarn is extracted and this is from the same yarn our linen fabric is woven. Because of it the linen fabric will preserve it’s thickness, resists to rubbing and won’t pill easily.

This premium quality fiber is the basis and the foundation of a great fabric, and it is why we exclusively weave our wide width fabric from it, so you will get all our linen bedding, duvets covers, fitted and top sheets without seams, whatever the size you are selecting from our stores. We also propose you to realize custom made items such bed spread or curtain draperies up to 110” wide.

Last but not least, the thread count, and the weight of our fabric (185 gsm) but also our special soft pre-shrunk and stone washed treatment will provide this soft rumpled, crinkled bedding linens with this typical micro cloud texture you were longing to sleep in and will guarantee you a very highly durable product, wash after wash.

Pure Linen Bedding Sets Online

But it’s not my aim to convince you to purchase your new linen sheets from us, just read what our customers say about it after they received and used it, and we do hope you will soon count among our numerous addicted only Pure Linen lovers.