Give Your Bedding Set a Fresh New Look With Premium Linen Bedding Sets!

Pure linen bedding sets are particularly appreciated for it’s texture and exceptional features. And Washed linen if the most desirable when it’s about bed linen sheets, duvet covers or shams by its unique texture, its soft feeling and strength over the time.

It’s also so easy to care about, some believe that linen bedding set should be dry cleaned and pressed. I always wash mine by machine as many times needed and tumble dry as long it’s necessary, it’s coming out softer and more crisp-looking than before.

Our linen is treated with a special method to resist shrinkage, so you can go 60 C degrees if your sheets are slightly stained. No worries, it won’t alter its appearance. And just forget about your domestic iron, our linen slipcovers does not need to be ironed after washing so you won’t have to ever use it on your washed linen bedding. ‘

You will preserve this typical “shabby style” you like to cuddle in.

And for those who don’t really like to make up their beds, you have done the right choice, the slightly wrinkled look will give your bedding place a rich and sophisticated look even you got lazy to get it perfectly tidy.

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