New Soft Prewashed linen Man Pajamas

Before I started making linen bedding, I used to wear linen cloths, shirts, trousers and shorts.  Unconsciously, I felt just so good in it, the feel is so soft and your all body is breathing naturally through the flax fiber unlike any other material.

For many years, I am living in a tropical weather area and I can’t imagine how I could go through this humid summers with anything else then linen cloths.

Linen bedding is not a luxury but a living style you become very easily addicted to as after spending a night in soft linen sheets, you can’t compromise anymore for a regular cotton bedding set.

This month, we are introducing a new linen pyjamas for men that you can buy as a set or separately if you wish to combine the trousers with a light t-shirt.

Beside our large choice of lady’s homewear and casual wear, we do hope to bring more linen homewear for him as well. Let’s not be partial! he won’t tell you…but you will see how good he feels into its new soft stonewashed linen pyjamas.