Outdoor activities: Let linen be the base for your meal

Summer is finally here and everyone is gearing up for those outdoor activities that offer an opportunity to soak in the sun. Did you know that linen is as useful outside as it is indoor? At Linenshed, we have taken linen to a whole new level. You will be amazed that the texture and nature of linen makes it suitable as a fabric that can withstand the sun, the spills and dust. If you are preparing for a day out to the park for a picnic or just intending to hold a barbecue at your back yard, go ahead and carry linen; you certainly must find use for it.

A picnic is not complete without that checked fabric you all sit on as you eat. Well, now you can place linen napkins to demarcate areas where you place your plates and where you sit. If you want the napkins to be plain, then you can use a colour that matches the large ground fabric. Having a ruffled napkin on the other hand just requires that the fabric is white because the ruffled edges speak volumes by themselves. You do not need a lot of room for the napkins. Linen folds neatly and is not bulky so a large number of then can fit is a tiny space in your basket.

The laying of the table has a unique effect on the taste of the food. Want proof? Dress your table with a linen tablecloth when you are having a barbecue and notice how every biting you place at the table vanishes before it cools. If you decide to use natural linen then do not worry about getting creative with your layout. You can mix and match different pieces to bring out any theme you like.

Being in charge of the barbeque does not mean being limited to what you wear because it will get dirt anyway. A linen pinafore apron protects your front and back so that your regular attire does not get soiled even if the smoke, coals and oil spill from any direction.

 Linen is pretty, hardy and easy to handle so you can be sure to enjoy it wherever you decide to use it.

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